Free apps you can use for Instagram

Instagram, one of the favorite platforms of social media users, stands out with its own editing features as well as applications that can be used. It is possible to create more colorful profiles thanks to the applications that increase the efficiency of Instagram users in different fields such as photo editing and statistics.

Free photo editing apps you can use for Instagram


VSCO, which is one of the best photo editing applications you can use for Instagram, also lets you take photos. You can make dozens of different edits on the photos you take from within the application and try again until you are in the way you want. With more than 10 million users around the world, the application is able to create great photos.

For your Android phone, you can download the VSCO app here…

Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is an easy-to-use application for even those who have no previous experience with photo editing, allowing you to make big changes with simple steps. In addition to the corrections in your photos, the application comes with dozens of frames, icons and text, and your photos will be more beautiful than ever.

For your Android device, you can download Photo Editor by Aviary here…


With the application launched last year, you can convert any photo into a work of art. Your Instagram account will be much more fun thanks to the photos and videos you can create with a single touch by selecting your favorite filter among dozens of different options.

For your Android device, you can download the Prisma app here…

Google PhotoScan

Implementing one of the most needed applications, Google has conquered our hearts with its application that allows easy scanning of printed photos. You can become the master of # TBTs thanks to the application that scans from childhood photos in a very high quality way.

For your Android device, you can download the Google PhotoScan app here…

Free statistics apps you can use for Instagram


If you find it hard to find a hashtag for your photos, AutoHash will help you. Thanks to the application that automatically adds the most wanted hashtags to the photo you will upload, you can reach more people.

For your Android device, you can download the AutoHash app here…

Followers Analysis for Instagram

Thanks to the application that allows you to get detailed analysis of the people you follow on Instagram and follow you, you can see your statistics in many different categories for free. At the same time, thanks to the automatic follow-up feature offered within the application, you can stop following people who follow you automatically.

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